Monday, February 23, 2009

Grouping & Sorting

Grouping & Sorting

Creating a Group

  • Right-click on left margin of table and select Insert Group

  • Select a field to group on or enter an expression

  • Select any options (page break at start, page break at end, etc.) and click OK to
    create group

  • SSRS doesn't automatically add the group field to the group header (the wizard does,
    though) but you can add it easily enough


  • You can use Sorting tab of Grouping and Sorting Properties dialog to sort groups
    and detail with groups

  • To edit group, right-click on left-hand margin of group header or footer and select
    Edit Group

  • Groups can be nested many deep

Interactive Sorting (New for 2005)

  • Lets users re-sort reports on columns that you pre-specify

  • Right-click column header, select Properties, & click
    Interactive Sort

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