Monday, February 23, 2009

Creating Tabular Report

Creating Simple Tabular Report

Data View

  1. Select <New Dataset>… from dropdown

  2. Name Dataset and either choose an existing shared Data source or create a new one

  3. Select Command type and click Ok

  4. Enter query into query designer and test by clicking on ! Icon

Tip: You can use toolbar btn to switch between graphical and generic query designer

Layout View

  1. Drag Table control from toolbox onto report body

  2. Drag and drop fields from Field list to cells in Detail row of table; SSRS will
    automatically add field name to table header row

  3. Select Report|Page Header or Report|Page Footer to display these sections

  4. Drop textboxes onto the header/footer if desired

Previewing reports

  1. Click on Preview tab to preview the report

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